Laser Hair Removal for All Skin Types

Whatever your skin type; white, olive or black, and regardless of the area you want to treat, Epilium & Skin offers a free consultation and patch test of laser for all skin types. One of our laser hair removal specialist will conduct a full examination of your skin and then recommend depending on your skin type a personalised treatment program with a cost estimation.

At Epilium & Skin, we have the technical resources matched with the right laser Yag and Alexandrite equipment. Our expertise will ensure that no matter how dark your skin is, there will be no risk of burns in laser lair removal treatment.

Laser hair removal Offer Feb2019

Four women laying down with legs crossed in the air

We use the latest Class IV medical lasers. These lasers have different specifications:

The Alexandrite laser for light skin tones

This laser produces a red light (the colour is the result of the wavelength) which is absorbed by the melanin.

It is very effective on dark hair with lots of melanin with skin photo types I to IV.

These lasers allow a comfortable treatment because of an integrated cooling system to remove any of the heat associated with the laser.

The Nd:Yag laser for dark skin tones

Nd:Yag is a laser with a wavelength that is hardly absorbed by melanin in the skin. However, it is effective on the melanin in the hair and therefore it destroys the bulb without creating skin damage.

Very dull or dark skin type are within the scope of the Nd:Yag laser. Coupled with a skin cooling system, treatment is comfortable, and the skin protected.

Using this new generation of lasers, treatments are possible across the whole spectrum of skin types and colouring.