Laser Hair Removal – Indications

Please read the below indications for laser hair removal if you want to carry out a treatment.This is the key for successful results.

Having dark hair and light skin is the ideal combination to achieve successful laser hair removal and between 5 and 7 sessions are recommended.

Light colour hair (blonde / dark grey / light brown) is difficult to target because of the reduced levels of melanin. In this situation, we recommend 2 to 3 sessions to test the efficacy of the treatment.

Patients with white hair are unsuitable for laser hair removal by laser, because the melanin is not present in the hair.

Laser hair removal Offer Feb2019

The majority of our patients come to us for cosmetic reasons. However, we should not neglect the curative benefits of laser hair removal such as:

  • Hirsutism which is manifested by excessive hairiness. Where there is no hormonal imbalance, localised laser treatment is consequently beneficial
  • Hypertrichosis, because the treatment destroys the hair follicle
  • Folliculitis of the beard, underarms or bikini line due to shaving and friction. The laser therefore prevents re-occurrence of infection
  • Treatment of ingrown hairs that cause painful infections sometimes followed by permanent scars. Using a laser destroys the hair thereby treating the cause and limiting re-occurrence
  • During puberty new follicles are being created and hair grows faster therefore more sessions may be required