This is an effective solution for areas where hair is not optimally removed by using conventional lasers. With electrolysis, a filament end is introduced into the hair pore and sends an electrical pulse to destroy the bulb area. This technique works well because the target area is reached.

However, and understandably, it can be painful in certain parts of the body and can cause scabs and scarring. The duration of this type of treatment is lengthy since it treats the hairs one-by-one. It can also be more expensive than other types of hair removal programmes. It is better suited to small treatment areas. Similarly to the laser, treatment involves several sessions as it takes into account the hair lifecycle.

The programme works for both men and women, on all types of skin and hair colour.

It can be used in conjunction with laser hair removal in the following cases:

      • When the hair is too light and does not contain enough melanin.
      • In areas where laser treatment is inappropriate because of the risk of a paradoxical re-growth (ie: regeneration of more hair that is thicker).
      • For the treatment of areas with isolated hairs.

In some cases, small crusts can appear after the sessions. It is important not to touch or pull them as they will fall off naturally within 2 to 3 weeks of the treatment.

Following a session, photosensitivity is increased and therefore you will need to avoid direct sunlight on the treated areas.