Laser Hair Removal – Before and After

As soon as you decide to start your treatment, you should respect laser before and after care.

There are several things to do and precautions you need to respect before your laser session.

Please read the below before and after care before coming to your session.

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Before the session

  • 2 days prior: it is recommended that you shave the area to be treated and then apply a moisturiser to ensure the skin is well hydrated.
  • 10 days before the session: there must be absolutely, sauna, hammam, body scrubs or swimming.
  • 5 weeks before the session: Waxing or plucking using tweezers is strongly discouraged.
  • 2 months prior the session avoid :
  • UV exposure (sun, UV tanning beds)
  • self-tanning
  • tanning supplements or medication
  • photosensitisers
  • beta-carotene

After the session

At the end of the session, you may feel a warm sensation and a redness of the skin in the treated area. Both are quite normal. At the end of the session, a moisturizer will be applied to soothe the skin, especially where the skin is thin, such as the inner thighs and bikini line.

Redness, heat sensation and irritation are to be expected and will last for several hours or even days following your treatment. You can reduce the discomfort by applying a soothing body cream into the treated areas. During the following days, you should continue to apply this soothing cream. Redness, irritation, continuing warmth and swelling should be monitored and, if they don’t improve, you should seek a medical examination to diagnose the cause and the appropriate remedy.

For 10 days after the treatment, avoid the activities below:

  • Sauna
  • Hammam
  • Scrub
  • Swimming
  • UV exposure (sun, UV sunbeds)
  • Self-tanners
  • Photosensitising supplements
  • Beta-carotene

During the laser hair removal treatment program

Facial hair removal –  it is generally advising to have a treatment at the time of hair growth or 4 to 5 weeks after a previous session. You can stop the program during the summer or when tan.

Body hair removal – it is imperative to leave at least 7 to 10 weeks between sessions. If these intervals are not respected, you may end up needing more sessions than originally planned and agreed.

In between your laser hair removal sessions, you can use a razor and depilatory cream if you experience re-growth. However, under no circumstances should you use tweezers, pluck or use an electric epilator.

Throughout your laser hair removal program, in order to avoid skin irritation, we recommend that you moisturise your skin thoroughly and regularly.