The Obagi Blue Radiance Peel

The Obagi Blue Radiance peel is a gentle chemical peel which successfully exfoliates the superficial layers of skin that have been damaged leaving your skin feeling fresh, revived and radiant.


Obagi Blue Radiance Peel is appropriate for all skin types and is especially good for, sun damage, pigmentation, skin resurfacing and overall improvement in texture and tone. A deep exfoliation will result in a more radiant complexion.


Our Epilium & Skin therapist will first fully cleanse the skin before applying the Obagi Blue Radiance Peel. During the peel stage, the client will feel a mild to moderate tingling on the skin for the duration of the application which is normal and will quickly subside. This is where the active ingredients are working on the outer layers of the epidermis. The peel is left on the skin for up to 12 minutes.

The Peel consists of 20% Salycilic acid, 2% glycolic acid, and 2% Lactic acid


Main Contra-indications of the treatment are:

  • Pregnancy
  • Breast Feeding
  • Active skin infections- cold sores, warts, dermatitis, Excema, Psoarisis at the treatment site
  • Allergic to Asprin
  • Sunburn to the skin to be treated
  • History of Radiation Therapy
  • Used Acutane in the past 12 months
  • Excessively sens

Pre-Peel instructions

5-7 days prior to the peel

  • No Laser Hair Removal
  • No waxing
  • No depilatory creams
  • No electrolysis

3 Days prior to the peel

  • No Topical Retinoids
  • No Tretonoin
  • No other topical acids
  • No exfoliants

SPF must always be applied post a chemical peel as the skin will be sensitive and more susceptible to the harmful effects of UV rays.


Post this facial peel, you may notice minor flaking of the skin. Within one week you will have a visibly brighter complexion.
It is recommended to have 4-6 peels for best results with a two-week interval between treatments.