Medical Microdermabrasion for skin rejuvenation

Medical microdermabrasion for skin rejuvenation is a non-invasive safe and painless treatment which gently exfoliate away the very top layer of the skin, reducing and removing dead skin cells and as a result accelerate the rate of skin rejuvenation. Skin is exfoliated and resurfaced due to a stream of Crystals removing the supeficial layers of dead skin cells. Picosure laser or skin peels, could be an alternative to medical Microdermabrasion to help exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin.

Woman receiving medican microdermabrasion treatment on forehead

What are the indications?

The treatment  brighten and even out your skin texture for a healthier glowing complexion. Patients will witness an overall improvement with regards to skin texture. Our trained therapists performing Microdermabrasion can achieve benefits which include, improving tired, dull looking skin, acne scarring, dry and dehydrated skin, fine lines and wrinkles. In addition,Epilium & Skin  recommend Medical Microdermabrasion skincare for patient suffering from acne or unclog pores
In most cases, Medical Microdermabrasion is used to treat the face. However, it can also be used on other areas including the chest, back and shoulders. A painless procedure with no downtime means you can enjoy the benefits without any disruption to your daily routine.

The treatment

The Crystal Medical Microdermabrasion devices consist of a pump and vacum. The tiny exfoliated cristals buff away the dead surface layer of skin while the vacum works to remove the dead skins and as a result reveal your new and improved complexion.
Exfoliating the skin helps boost circulation, remove impurities due to stressy life and encourage healthy cell turnover. By removing impurities and the outer layer of dead skin while all serums and cream will penetrate deeper into the skin.

Contra indications

Main Contra-indications to the treatment are:

  • Keratosis Sufferers
  • Active Rosacea
  • Active acne/Weeping acne
  • Auto Immune Disorders
  • Fragile Capilaries
  • Excema
  • Dermatitis
  • Psoriasis
  • Lupus


We recommend first of all a course of 3-6 treatments and in addition one session every 6 week for maintenance to see best results. We offer a free skin consultation prior to treatment with one of our trained practitioners.