Laser Hair Removal in London

laser hair removal

Laser Hair Removal

Hair removal by laser is an aesthetic medical procedure that delivers excellent results.

At Epilium, you will find the latest generation of lasers that treat all skin types from light to dark.

You will also meet our medical team who will offer you the most effective programmes to remove unwanted hair safely.

Hair removal by medical laser safely performed by professionals with many years of experience.



Laser hair removal under the arms is one of the most frequently requested treatments for aesthetics, hygiene and comfort.

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Hair removal from the legs does not present any specific technical difficulty. The surface area is large and the laser can operate long enough to ensure good hair loss.

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Laser hair removal in the bikini area is a highly effective way to achieve a permanent result and it can be used to shape any remaining hair to a style of your choice.

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Facial hair removal using a laser is effective in treating the upper lip, the chin and the inter-brow. Some other popular areas include the temple and cheekbones.

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Chest and Abdomen

The removal of chest hair by laser is a popular choice amongst men and delivers very satisfactory results. The stomach area is frequently requested.

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Back and Shoulders

The permanent removal of hair from the back is a relatively simple procedure, even though the hair is traditionally stronger than on other areas of the body.

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Neck and nape

Removal of hair by laser is particularly effective on the neck and nape. Between haircuts, the hair on the nape grows back spoiling the shape of the trim.

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Face and ears

The removal of facial hair in men is normally the beard, nose, ears and inter-brow area.

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Too coarse a beard can often cause unpleasant irritation at the shirt collar and promote ingrown hairs. It is possible to remove some of the hair that causes irritation.

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Nasal hair

The nose is a difficult place to reach with a shaver. It is possible to have a permanent solution using a laser to remove hair in the lower nostrils and the tip of the nose.

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Inter-brow hair

The permanent removal of facial hair located close to and between the eyebrows is a painless solution that is otherwise resolved quite uncomfortably.

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Hair on ears

The ears are one of those inaccessible areas that frustrate the male, particularly when there is a significant amount of hair that is unsightly and perhaps embarrassing.

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Hair removal due to the demands of sports

Where massage is essential, body hair can be a problem because it limits the ability of massage products to penetrate the skin properly.

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