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What is a Skinbooster?

This is a treatment for the whole face and consists of micro-injections of Restylane Vital. It resembles a Mesolift except that the product is injected deeper and its quality is superior.

Restylane Vital contains hyaluronic acid – a naturally occurring molecule found in skin tissue and whose main property is hydration. Its production in the body decreases with each decade and synthesised formulas can compensate for this decline.

Restylane Skinbooster is a natural method of embellishment to give the skin increased elasticity, brightness and improved density and tone.

It works from the inside out by creating a hydrophilic support cushion within the dermis giving a beautifully sculptured face.

What are the indications?

Restylane Skinbooster can be used at any age, in both men and women, for face and body, no matter what your skin type.

For young skin:

  • It prevents skin ageing
  • It brings shine, elasticity and hydration
  • It boosts radiance

In mature skin:

  • It slows down the skin ageing process
  • It improves the quality, firmness and skin tone
  • It brightens a dull complexion
  • It smoothes fine lines around the lips
  • It smoothes the face, and a wrinkled or sagging neck
  • It moisturises and smoothes the hands

What happens during a session?

Before your session, you will meet with a specialist consultant who will undertake a thorough examination of your skin and ask about your medical history.

You will then be given a quotation of costs and a consent form to sign.

During the treatment, the doctor will give you micro-injections in the middle dermis and/or in the deep dermis, covering the entire area to be treated. This treatment is not painful because the product contains a mild anaesthetic.
You may notice redness around the injection points – this is quite normal and will disappear in time.

The results

After your first session, you will notice a significant improvement in the general condition of your face.

The skin feels firmer and smoother due to the deep and lasting hydration. Skin elasticity is restored and your complexion regains its radiance.

The result is a very natural looking face because there is no increase in volume.

After 15 days, the result should be at its best and remain so for a period up to 6 months.


Treatment is not recommended if:

  • You are pregnant or breast feeding
  • You are allergic to the product
  • You are taking aspirin or anti-inflammatory medication just before the treatment
  • You are taking prescribed medication containing Interferon