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How is fat eliminated using a cold temperature treatment?

CoolSculpting® is a unique method of destroying fat cells (adiposities), using a cold treatment process. A proven technique developed by scientists from Harvard University in the USA, using cold temperatures to control and eliminate unwanted fat cells in the body. Fat cells are present in adipose tissue. The main role of this tissue is to store energy in the form of fat. Diet plays a large part in the growth of fat cells: too rich in fat or too large in portion size encourages the cells to grow and the mass to increase. Once created, this fat can be tough to eliminate, even by participating in physical activity or a diet regime. The body does not use these reserves. Therefore, we need to find different ways of eliminating these fat cells permanently.

At Epilium, we use a process known as Cryolipolysis®, developed by the medical technology company Zeltiq®. It uses sub-zero temperatures for the non-invasive reduction of fatty deposits. Cryolipolysis® is a precise and controlled, non-invasive cooling procedure that targets unwanted fat cells located under the skin without causing damage to it. The cells are crystallised after being given a thermal (cold) shock that ensures their elimination. This procedure is known as ‘cell death by design’. Your body then naturally eliminates these fat cells, resulting in a sustainable modification to your figure. Once destroyed, these fat cells do not renew unless you put on excessive weight.