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Discover CoolSculpting®, the latest non-surgical and innovative way to redefine your silhouette and lose those unsightly and persistent bulges and leave you looking good and feeling great.

Visible results after just one treatment.

Redefine your silhouette, a quick and innovative way to freeze and eliminate unwanted fat cells with coolsculpting - your new and natural friend - it's really cool.


The abdomen

The most frequently requested area for CoolSculpting® is the abdomen: a source of frustration with skin folds and bulges that just should not be there.

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Love Handles

The majority of men and women tend to gain weight on the flanks. We use the Cool Curve applicator to help reduce those annoying love handles.

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The Inner Thighs

In women, the inner thighs are where the body stores fat. Cryolipolysis treatment helps to reduce these fat deposits in a single session.

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Cryolipolysis is the perfect solution in treating saddlebags. It targets localised and stubborn fat doing the job that any increased physical activity or sports programme cannot.

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The Arms

Thin arms thanks to CoolSculpting®. It reduces at least 30% of the fatty deposits; the fat removal is gradual allowing the skin to retract at a slower and normal pace.

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