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HOW WE RECOMMEND TO REHYDRATE YOUR SKIN POST SUMMER…. Back to school is fast approaching, it is time to think about maintaining the benefits of the sun to keep that summer glow throughout the winter. Sun exposure promotes the synthesis of Vitamin D, drying out skin imperfections and unifying your complexion by producing melanin. But […]

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How I found the secret of French women’s perfect legs

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Brides Magazine Dec 2017

ARE YOU READY TO BARE? With Easter and the temptation to consume your own body weight in chocolate out of the way, are you ready to show off that winterised body? After hiding under chunky sweaters and fleece leggings for the past few months, your body might not be eager to leave the comfy realms […]

Lip Fillers – Why We’re So Obsessed With The Perfect Pout

THIS MONTH, IT IS ALL ABOUT BLEPHAROPLASTY! “The eyes are the window to the soul and it is not a secret that they are the first sign of ageing. The eyes are the first area of the face to age because this is where the skin is thinnest. My main aim is to keep the […]